Providers' Guidelines Center

Welcome to Providers' Guidelines Center: This section is created especially to help our providers to productize their services easily and seamlessly! Kindly follow the below guidelines and your services will be products in a matter of a few clicks:

• Service/Package relevant name.
• Specific and accurate product features (at least 3).
• Duration of delivery.
• The number of modifications.
• Number of Packages (1 or 2 or 3).
• Price.

• A unique and eye-catching Short Description of no more than 60 characters is required.
• A Long Description that includes the previous basic information explained in detail. With a minimum of 100 words.

• According to your service, a visual description must be can vary between the following formats. (JPG, Video, GIF).
• Visuals should be relevant to your service and of quality. For example, JPG formats’ size should be 620x 395. Resolution 72,96.

Kindly communicate all of the required data with us at: